Nazir Adam - CEO
BSc Finance, Accounting and Management

20 years of property acquisition, planning, redevelopment and disposal experience.

Extensive experience in sourcing under valued property and maximising values by:

  • Utilising local knowledge and experience
  • Planning developments that meet local market needs and requirements
  • Identifying trends that result in future property price gains
  • Installing market leading technologies, where appropriate, to maximise yield and meet energy efficiency targets
  • Introducing market leading MMOC concepts and ideas
  • Buying strategic land with long term planning options

Key skills:

  • Financial planning and investment appraisals in so far as related to property
  • Property leases
  • Property law
  • Experienced in negotiating high value transactions
  • Ability to plan medium to long term property development and holding
  • strategies for various property sectors

Industry knowledge:

Worked on a consultancy basis for several local authorities. Have established programs to help LA’s meet their housing demands for a cost that is manageable. Have also presented these programs to 10 Downing Street as they will assist the national housing shortage.

Modular Building:

Developed our modular housing technology and processes for 10 years. Designed a proven factory system that can deliver code 4 buildings quicker than traditional construction, with better energy efficiency ratings and at a lower cost.

Sahid Asmal - Development Director
BSc (Hons) Building Surveying

20 years of property planning and designing experience.

Adding value to property with creative planning and designs, utilising:

  • Architectural drawings including Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Planning developments stage by stage
  • Ensuring development costs are in line with budget
  • Managing supply chains
  • Creating and managing building teams for multiple housing projects
  • Managing and maintaining commercial property estates and business parks
  • Restoring buildings to their original forms

Gained experience and understanding in:

  • Detailed knowledge of construction techniques
  • In depth understanding of MMOC, modular housing and eco building
  • Building and construction techniques
  • Building codes
  • Working with local authorities


Have an interest using the latest technology to increase efficiency and enhance business potential.

Modular Building: 

Project involved designing, developing, and prototyping a code 4 modular building. Currently the building is on display at New City College, Nottingham. The home was also featured at the Grand Designs Live show. We are pleased to say it is in now in the process of being put into production.